Obtaining Our Services
Whether you are uncertain about initiating a referral with us or if you think you would like our services, please call us for a brief (5-10 minute) phone intake where we can get some information from you and answer any questions that you might have.

The Referral Process

  • Call to discuss your child's needs.
  • Review our Policies and Fees, Notice of Privacy Policies and Practices and Cancellation Policy.
  • Continue by downloading and completing the appropriate forms.
  • Finally, return the completed forms and reports from other professionals to the clinic, as well as the initial payment and we will schedule an appointment as soon as we have availability.
  • Once we have your forms, we will email you from our online portal with a message that will allow you to register to be able to view your appointments (when scheduled) and billing information, print receipts, and send secure messages.

We frequently have a waiting list for new services, particularly for late afternoon times. It is difficult to accurately estimate how long prospective clients will be on the waiting list. While you can call the clinic to determine a general idea about scheduling, we will require the initial payment and your paperwork to be completed before a date will be scheduled. We will put your child on our list and contact you with a specific appointment when a time becomes available.

We realize that your child may be on additional waiting lists. It would be appreciated if you would contact us if you no longer wish to receive our services. Likewise, as a courtesy, please contact others when you receive an appointment from us.

You are welcome to contact us at any time with questions that may arise prior to your appointment.

Possible Insurance Reimbursement
Development is CHILD’S PLAY! does not directly work with insurance companies for coverage of services and is not a “preferred provider” for any insurance company. However, we will provide receipts with ICD diagnostic codes and CPT procedure codes so that you can submit the receipts to your insurance for possible reimbursement. You may find Tips for Insurance Reimbursement to be helpful.

For insurance reimbursement, you will need to obtain a referral from your child’s physician. The referral should include: “occupational therapy”, the diagnosis with ICD code number, that the physician will review progress at regular intervals (e.g. every 6 months), and the frequency of intervention (e.g. one hour, weekly). Here is sample physician referral for your doctor to use as a guide.

If your insurance company ever questions and wants documentation for the "medical necessity" for the therapy, they want documentation from a physician. A sample of this medical necessity documentation can be provided for your doctor.

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